5:00-5:45pm: Aerial Sling

6:00-6:45pm: Aerial Sling


6.15-7:00pm: Pole Fitness 



5:00-5:45pm: Aerial Hoop

Classes are suitable for all levels. The youngest age to join our classes is age 6 and the oldest is 15. Classes are split in to two groups based on ages and abilities. Students do not need a dance or gymnastic background to join our classes! We welcome everyone!

6:15-7:00pm: Pole Fitness


5:15-6:00pm: Aerial Hoop


6:15-7:00pm: Aerial Hoop


7:15-8:00pm: Aerial Hoop


Term Dates Current Term 2021


12th April until 21st April

6 Weeks


Monday and Tuesday:


Thursday and Friday:

Meg and Sian


24th May - 30th May (1 Week)

Then closed for usual classes for 1 week beginning 31st May

Term resumes on 7th June until 2nd July (4 Weeks)

Term in total is 5 weeks with 1 week break 

Term Dates May 24th

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